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Life Insurance is an agreement between an insurer and a policy payer in which the policy payer, which is usually the insured, is ensured to have his beneficiary or beneficiaries paid a death benefit by the insurer in the event of his death. The policy payer will gradually pay the benefit through payment of premium. This premium is either paid on a monthly basis or on lump sums. Life policies determine the coverage of the insured person’s life. The contract between the policy owner and the insurer limits the events that are covered by life policy. A death of an insured is the usual event covered by insurance. Some other events that are included in the life policy are sickness, accidents, and untimely deaths.

The stipulations of an insurance contract normally limit the obligations and liability of the insurer to the policy payer. Exclusions are written off in the contract to delimit the coverage of the life insurance policy purchased by a policy owner.